Jim Smith The making of art is one of the few compulsions that are socially acceptable.

When Jeff kuntz met Claude Monet

(Water lilies in Snow globes) Site-specific environmental installation. Location Jacksonville Arboretum

A 1000 Steampunk boxes at Goozlepipe & Guttyworks restaurant

now on view. https://www.facebook.com/goozlepipeandguttyworks/


Here is a list of some of the titles that make up the “1000 BOX” Site-specific installation Yep, it is two stories tall. The 7% solution. 360. We play nothing but the oldies. 361. Monthly recalibrate your carburetor stability. 362. The iron butterfly have fallen on hard times. 363. Face off. 364. The super collider repeating cannon. 365. She was an odd duck! 366. Spell check of 1950. 367. Bad juju containment field. 368. There was a major rupture in unit 12. 369. I'll go with what is behind door #3, Alex! 370. Tom Traffic’s last idea. 371. Give me an A!


Wall relief assemblage. On permanent display in the library of the University of North Florida

Detail of Wall relief assemblage.

Detail of Wall relief assemblage.


I made this Amazing sculpture along with the skills of David Ponsler, Katherine Bell and Rob Noelke. We donated the work to “Patrons of the Hearts” for their found raiser.

the artiest. David Ponsler, Katherine Bell and Rob Noelke and Jim Smith


On stage at the “Patrons of the Hearts” auction.

detail installed


Working detail.

Detail of with smoke device on

On display at the Daryl Bunn Studios. 643 Edison Ave., Jacksonville, FL, 32204

Working detail.

First draft.


In collaboration with pARTner Mary Atwood. front view.

Back view.

side view.

Heart detail.

There is a lot of sophisticated imagery which deals with duality in our piece. We hope viewers catch the optical illusion created by the careful use of screening and the subtle references to looking beyond the surface to see the hidden inner aspects of emotion.

“Capture Your Dreams”

“Capture Your Dreams” Currently displayed on the front lawn of the Karpeles Manuscript Library and Museum. http://www.rain.org/~karpeles/jax.html in Jacksonville Florida.

side view

This work was made in collaboration with Craig Pedroni http://www.turningartsgroup.com/2012/09/08/pedronis-cast-stone-tour/ and Mary Atwood. http://maryatwoodphotoart.com/ Louise Sharrocks. https://www.facebook.com/louise.sharrocks

Work in process photos.

Work in process photo.

Work in process photo.

This public sculpture is a contemporary and symbolic version of the naïve hope to capture something we hold dear. It is similar to the simple devices children create to capture some sort of creatures such as birds or squirrels. There is a combined simplicity and sophistication to the overall appearance of this work.

Frist drafts.

first drafts:



Site specific installion made from water bottle at the Bolles School.

With the help of Students and a fellow teacher we set this up Saturday 1/9/2015

It was made with over 2000 bottles. Look like beads

100 Years of Buoyancy

Site-specific installation 12, 2014

Jacksonville Zoo

100 anniversary celebration.

Steam driven stone cutting device

Inventor, American Am Robert Fulton


Size H9’XW4’XD3’

Late Night Talk Show

Interview about art

The Joy of discovery

3-D mural mixed media H8’XW55’D10” In collaboration with Mary Atwood and Thom Butner


Location. Jacksonville Main Library 303 N. Laura Street Jacksonville, FL 32202