Jim Smith The making of art is one of the few compulsions that are socially acceptable.

A 1000 Steampunk boxes at Goozlepipe & Guttyworks restaurant

now on view. https://www.facebook.com/goozlepipeandguttyworks/


Here is a list of some of the titles that make up the “1000 BOX” Site-specific installation Yep, it is two stories tall. The 7% solution. 360. We play nothing but the oldies. 361. Monthly recalibrate your carburetor stability. 362. The iron butterfly have fallen on hard times. 363. Face off. 364. The super collider repeating cannon. 365. She was an odd duck! 366. Spell check of 1950. 367. Bad juju containment field. 368. There was a major rupture in unit 12. 369. I'll go with what is behind door #3, Alex! 370. Tom Traffic’s last idea. 371. Give me an A!